New TiVo Logos

Aerialplug's logos

Please note that Release 9.5.0 was the last release made of the TiVo Logos. This site is no longer being maintained, however it is being kept in place for reference as some may still wish to create their own logos or use the historic ones found here. [15th December 2020]

Version 9.5

Freeview Distribution: (currently about to be updated)
Sky Distribution: (use this also for cable & Freesat).

Release 9.5.0 (October 25th 2008) An interim release with several logo changes (Five, Sky 1 2 & 3 Gold) and several additions (Watch, Alibi, Sky Real Lives, BBC Alba). Version 9.5.1 will be released after I get feedback on this version.

Release 9.4 (May 12th 2008)

Numerous additions, tweaks and modifications. This first release is effectively an alpha release pending feedback on logos that don't work, or any new logos that are required for release 9.4.1 - this will then be reflected in the Freeview release.

Release 9.3.1 (October 1st 2007)

Added Virgin 1 +1 for Sky only - no change to freeview.

Release 9.3.1 (October 1st 2007)

New logos for BBC Radio services and a few new services added.

Updated BBC logos for all national radio services. Old logos transferred to the deprecated folder.

Added: Virgin 1

New logos provided by Mickeyp: Best Direct, Choice FM, Current, FilmFlex, Gold, LBC, MATV, Nickelodeon, Planet Rock, Price Crash, Q Radio, Smash Hits, The Jazz, Virgin Extreme, Virgin Groove, Virgin Media, Virdin Classic Rock

Release 9.2.1 (August 23rd 2007)

Corrected a couple of errors - a miss spelt filename and a logo for Film Four+1 copied into the wrong directory on previous release.

Added: Sumo Tv, Sumo Tv+1, Film 24, Passion Tv, My Channel, Fame, Milton Keynes Tv, Simply Tv, Wedding Tv, Weding Tv+1, Entrepeneur Tv, Sky Movies SD1, Sky Movies SD2. Deprecated: Eat Cinema

Release 9.2 (August 22nd 2007) I have to confess that I don't have a complete list of changes I made to this set as there was a version 9.1 on my PC here but I don't think I ever got round to publishing it!!!

Change I can think of that I've recently made are:
New logos for MTV One, MTV Two, Film 4+1, Scottish & Grampian TV, Movies4Men, CBBC (premature but never mind!)

I've also added a complete set for Setanta as I can only imagine it's implimented based on what I've seen on the net - I don't subscribe to this channel set.

Also, I don't make a habbit of providing new logos for +1 channels, but I thought the C4+1 logo was quite nifty and a play on the 4 logo so I've provided that one too.

Release 9.0 (April 9th 2007) A big one this - quite a few new logos and some changed logos - and several Plus One channels.

On to business:

New logos added: Al Jazera, Bravo 2, Business Channel, Discovery Turbo, France 24, Legal TV, National Geographic Wild, Overseas Property, Sky Arts (replacing Arts world), Sky Movies package (several new logos to represent the new bundle), True Movies, UK Gardens, Zone Horror, Zone Reality (replaces reality TV), Zone Thriller

Logos Updated: BBC Two (very minor change in look and proportion), Trouble, True Movies, S4C

Plus One channels (same logo but new channel): ITV2, ITV3 Travel, National Geographic, UK Gold

Missing in this release: Bonanza & Movies 4 Men - They're available in the forum but I forgot to include them in this zip file - sorry!

Release 8.5.3 (January 3rd 2007)

Corrected file name issue with Five Life and five US. Added, MTV Flux, Movies 24, Disney Channel +1, Boomerang (Plus 1 Hour), Gems TV, Gems TV2, TV5MONDE Europe, BBC Radio Scotland MW and Crime and Investigation Network.

Release 8.5.2 (October 13th 2006)

Minor filename errors, and added ESPN Classic, Five Life and Five US.

Release 8.5.1 (October 12th 2006)

New logos added: Bliss, Speed Auction TV, Thane Direct, Stop and Shop, Alpha Punjabi, Heart, Galaxy Radio, Arrow Rock, Core, The Storm, FUN Radio, Talk Sport (from a past version that was lost somewhere along the way), Capital FM, Capital Gold, Century, XFM
Logo rename: Talk Sport (Thanks Benedict for pointing this out - it may have been renamed in the mean time by Tribune but far more likely an on my part!)
Logos replaced: BBC One, Kiss, Magic, CBBC
Logos suggested for change but I've left (for now): The Hits (not much difference between new and old - the new didn't render as well).

Release 8.4.2 (August 2nd 2006)

As of the 8.4.0 release, an alternative set of ITV1 logos can be downloaded, which differentiate the various regions available. They are currently included in both Sky and Freeview releases but in future they will only be available as separate zip files. They can also be downloaded individually.

Version 8.4

Differences vetween 8.3 and 8.4

Numerous minor tweaks and a few major additions. A few rebrands have been noted (old logos moved to deprecated folder). A lot more minority channels have been added including many of the gaming channels. An alternative set of ITV logos has been provided to reflect regionality (the itv1regional folder) as well as a few "nostalgia" novelty ITV logos (nostalgia folder). New channels that have recently appeared: CITV and a forthcoming logo for ITV Play and Fight+ (call signs to be confirmed).


Unpublished - minor corrections


Added new Film 4, Virgin Radio and Smile TV. Removed old FilmFour, FilmFour+1 and FilmFourWeekly to deprecated folder.

Differences between 8.2 and 8.3

The following channels have been added: Bright Entertainment Network TV, CCTV9, Friendly TV, Hollywood TV, London, Majestic TV, NDTV 24x7, Open Access 1 & 2, Propeller, Quiz Call, Quiz TV, Raj TV, Real Estate TV, South Asia TV, True Movies. I've also added a place holder for the new Children's ITV channel on both Sky & Freeview platforms, but these will probably change when the channel launches.

How do I load these logos onto my TiVo?

There are now 2 methods of getting these logos onto your TiVo.

Firstly, for either method to work, you'll need to have a method to link your TiVo to a computer. This is accomplished using a network produch such as Turbonet or Airnet, or alternatively you can set up Serial PPP through the serial port.

Method 1: TivoWeb

You will need to have a recent version of TivoWeb (or TivoWeb Plus) installed on your TiVo. This contains a module that allows you to upload and associate individual logos to channels on your TiVo. All the files found in the above zip archives are compatible with Tivoweb.

Method 2: Stuart Anderton's (sanderton) loadlogos script

This script allows you to first FTP all the logos onto TiVo and then install and automatically associate all the logos you've uploaded in one go. These scripts can be obtained from this thread in the TiVo Community Forum. Additional instructions on how to use the scripts can also be found there.

Quick guide to using the scripts

1. If you haven't downloaded the scripts already, copy loadlogos.tcl and deletelogos.tcl into your /var/hack directory.

2. You'll probably need to make the scripts executable. You do this by entering chmod +x loadlogos.tcl deletelogos.tcl at tivo's bash prompt.

3. Create a new subdirectory called logos and FTP all your new logo files in there.

4. type ./loadlogos.tcl ./logos and the script will take care of everything else.

5. Reboot the tivo either by issuing the reboot command at the bash prompt or by restarting the TiVo.

If you don't like 'em, run ./deletelogos.tcl from the bash prompt and reboot - this will restore the TiVo back to it's old partially logoed state. It won't delete any logos that TiVo provided as part of the software. I believe it's possible to upload logos using this method to a TiVo which only has bash prompt access on the serial cable (no serial PPP).

What does it look like?

This is what the Now Playing screen and channel banner screens look like when the individual logos are used:

All logos have been downloaded to TiVo to check that they load, but some haven't been tested for colour matching - if you spot any problems, let me know.

Where have my logos gone??!

Logos can "spontaneously" disappear for at least two known reasons.

1. Certain kinds of database updates can reset all the logos back to their defaults (i.e. mostly blank and the standard ones that came with TiVo). Thankfully these are rare. They're still in there simply either re-associate them using TivoWeb or run loadlogos script again.

2. Logos have a tendancy to remove themselves over the passage of time, tending mostly to happen on reboots. My guess is that TiVo dropped the plan for supporting many logos before the 2.5.5 software before it was released. It surprises me actually that they left us with the few logos that we had, which I suspect were test images.

What decision process went into which channel gets a logo?

Firstly, this logo set is based on a TiVo connected to a Sky Digital system. The logo callsigns may differ on other platforms but a filename change will allow them to still work with Stuart's scripts if you know the logo's callsign on that platform.

I started out needing a complete logo set for all BBC channels to replace the BBC logo that TiVo automatically provide but it all got a bit complicated after that and over time, I've pretty much covered most of the channels my TiVo's ever going to record from on TiVo plus more.

All the main entertainment channels should be covered. All news, lifestyle, children's and "discovery" type channels should be covered. Some special interest channels are covered as some have requested. All national BBC radio stations are covered along with a smattering of others.

Many channels (some TV and most radio) don't have a schedule published on TiVo so unless it's a station I listen to, I'm never going to get to see the logo so I haven't bothered assigning them logos. However, over time I've had requests for some of these channels to get logos and I've obliged.

I want a logo for a channel that isn't in your list - how do I go about getting one made?

Firstly, I'm more than willing to build a logo for a new channel that isn't in the current list - after all, I've got a bit of experience under my belt :-) Just post to this thread and I'll see if I can rustle up a logo for the channel concerned (I draw the line at porno and gambling channels though).

If you want to have a go at creating your own - it's not as straight forward as you may think, as others have already discovered - but don't fear - if you're determined, I've detailed how I did it here! Good luck!

Any comments/suggestions can be made in this thread on the TiVo forum.


The copyright of all these logos remains with the broadcasters represented. I claim no ownership of these logos and have rendered them mainly from broadcaster web sites purely as a service for TiVo users. Every attempt has been made to provide a true likeness of each ident, but the limited colour span provided by TiVo's colour palette has inevetably meant that some colours may differ slightly from the original ident's colour scheme. If any broadcaster takes ecception to the use of their channel ident in this way I will of course remove the logo from all current and future distributions.