eCosPro Middleware Products


eCosCentric offer a range of eCosPro compatible middleware components. These components enable you to enhance embedded device functionality with fully-featured, optimized and proven solutions. The components can swiftly incorporated into your eCos-based project, reducing your software team's development effort.

eCosCentric eCosPro Middleware
eCosPro-USBIntegrated USB Host and Device stacks
eCosPro-mDNSZeroconf/Bonjour networking support
eCosPro-SecureSocketsOpenSSL toolkit port
eCosPro-SecureShellSSH-2 compatible Secure SHell daemon
eCosPro-CANController Area Network device API and drivers
eCosPro-MODBUSMODBUS server, ModbusTCP transport layer and hardware API
eCosPro-MMFSHigh performance, high reliability, streaming multimedia file system

Third Party eCosPro Middleware Available From eCosCentric
YaffsReliable NAND flash file system
eCosPro-PEG Plus, eCosPro-PEG Lite and eCosPro-PEG Pro Portable Embedded Graphics (PEG) user interface toolkits
CANopenCiA standards based CAN protocol stack for industrial automation
CEE-JEmbedded Java virtual machine
eXtremeDBEmbedded in-memory database
OS ChangerPorting aid to help migrate existing applications to eCosPro